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HTML Color Codes What color formats are used in HTML

HTML colors are special keywords used to denote colors in HTML and CSS in the layout of Internet sites. In HTML code, a color is defined by a 6-digit RRGGBB code (red, red, green, green, blue, blue), and in JavaScript or CSS, a 6-digit RRGGBB code or word (in English). HTML colors are specified using predefined color names, or RGB, Hex, HSL, RGBA, HSLA values. In HTML colors, you can use the HEX code, as well as the name of the color in English. For example, in HTML tags, you can use red instead of # FF0000. In my opinion, it is not very sensible to use color names in text form (words). After all, it is much easier to give a hexadecimal or decimal representation, and then the person who will edit them for himself will thank you very much, because in everyday life there are very few people who know this table by heart.

With the help of color, we can focus the attention of our visitors on a particular text or block of the site. Note that the state of HTML links is also determined using color in such a way that the user can understand which link he has clicked on, which one he has not visited yet, and which HTML page he is on at the moment. In the html and css languages, so that the pages are not gray and of the same type, it is possible to color documents. To do this, they usually use the RGB model - an abbreviation of three English words - the names of colors: red, green and blue.

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HTML Color Codes HTML Color Codes

Get HTML color codes online. HTML colors are special keywords used to denote colors in HTML and CSS in the layout of Internet sites.

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