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How to Edit SVG Icon


Select an application

At the top, above the editor window, you can see the application selection buttons. Click on one of them to launch the application. Later you can switch this and try another application.


Follow the steps

Now you can use the app inside the editor to edit SVG icon. Follow the instructions that you will see inside the application.If you do not like this application, try another one.


Enjoy the result

Now that you've got the image you like, don't forget to save it to your computer. Also add our site to your bookmarks and to the home screen of your device so as not to lose the link.

Icon Editor Why SVG is ideal for creating icons

Responsive design is a popular topic. Screens have long gone beyond standard resolutions, and sites can be viewed on both palm-sized devices and large monitors. The site should look the same regardless of device size and pixel density. There are many different techniques and technologies for adapting design and content. Vector graphics, SVG, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting topics in this direction. Graphic icons are a key element of almost any website or application. As a rule, they weigh a little, but the question of choosing a format still remains relevant. Apart from standard image formats, developers have two main options: use SVG or icon fonts. What's better? Let's figure it out below.

The site should look the same regardless of device size and pixel density. This can be achieved using the vector graphics format - SVG. SVG is great for icons. A good choice for beginners and advanced SVG users. The interface is neat and not cluttered with a lot of tools you won't be using. The editor is well suited for those new to vector illustration. The user should not get lost among the tools that are not clear for what they are used. It contains all the basic set for creating a regular image: shapes, text, layers, shadows, frames, backgrounds, etc. It can't compare to a full-fledged desktop editor, but it's more than enough for quick designs and edits. You can create an image from scratch or upload an existing one.

Weitere Editoren und Tools

Belichtungseditor Belichtungseditor

Ändern Sie die Belichtung Ihrer Fotos online mit zwei Klicks. Mit unserem kostenlosen Online-Belichtungseditor können Sie die Belichtung eines Bildes ändern.

Bildhelligkeits-Editor Bildhelligkeits-Editor

Ändern Sie die Helligkeit Ihrer Fotos online mit zwei Klicks. Mit unserem kostenlosen Online-Helligkeitseditor können Sie die Helligkeit jedes Bildes erhöhen oder verringern.

Kontrasteditor Kontrasteditor

Passen Sie den Kontrast Ihrer Fotos online mit zwei Klicks an. Mit unserem kostenlosen Online-Helligkeitseditor können Sie den Kontrast jedes Bildes ändern.

Sharpen Image Sharpen Image

Sharpen your photos online and for free. With our simple photo editor, your stunt photos are even sharper and look more professional.

Instagram Filters Instagram Filters

Add Instagram filters to your photos to get the perfect shots. We have all the filters from the Instagram application available and even more and completely free.

Icon Editor Icon Editor

Edit your SVG icons for free with our powerful tool. Change the color of the whole or individual elements for free, rotate, crop, change the background and much more.

Remove Background Remove Background

Remove background automatically in seconds. Here you can remove the background from the picture and change it to transparent or white.

Invoice Generator Invoice Generator

Generate an invoice for your company for free and online. You can customize everything you need, including currency, address and much more without limits.

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