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GIF Maker About GIF Maker

Set your graphics in motion with the easy-to-use GIF maker. Many options for using this tool are available. The first is the easiest - turning the video into a GIF. With the help of simple and easy conversion, you will receive the video in the desired format. And also you can adjust the frame rate, loop playback (loop), slow down or speed up playback. Another option is to assemble animations from individual images. Download pictures from your device and adjust their sequence. You will also be available to add texts, emoji, stickers and many other effects.

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Photo Editor Photo Editor

Best free online photo editors in one place - is it possible? Yes. All the tools for editing your images at your hand. Crop and resize a photo, flip and rotate images, adjust the brightness and contrast, apply effects and Instagram filters to pictures. Adding frames, textures and stickers as well as writing text on your photos was never so easy. And all that directly in your browser without any apps installation needed.

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Collage Maker Collage Maker

Create collages from your photos simply and for free, and we will make sure that you have the best tools for this. The online collage editors we collected have a huge selection of different settings, adjusting the thickness of the borders, a lot of ready-made collage templates, the ability to download in various formats. Combine your photos into collages, no matter how many images you have - 5, 10 or 50. Control the color, change the background, add different textures and frames to make your collages even more magnificent.

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Art Photo Art Photo

Turn your photo into art. With the use of modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence and neural networks, creators and photographers can now transform their photographs into art objects with the click of a button. Just upload your image and get pictures in style of famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh or Da Vinci. No need to learn to draw, our artistic photo tools will do everything for you, and your drawings will turn into world-class masterpieces.

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Minecraft Skin Editor Minecraft Skin Editor

Minecraft players are offered a variety of Minecraft skins that will make the game more interesting. A large database of skins for Minecraft by nickname, convenient search by color, sorting by ratings, format and model, download and install skins that will allow you to completely transform your character in Minecraft. And also find skins for girls, HD skins and raincoats for them. This is perhaps the most complete collection of 64x32 minecraft skins on the internet. Any player can choose the look to their liking.

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GIF Maker GIF Maker

Make GIF online using our simple tools. We collected a great variety of GIF makers like Giphy and others. Here you will be able to convert a video to GIF or make a GIF from a set of photos and images. Many settings are available, such as frame switching time, animation sequence, source editing. Surprise your audiencce with a high-quality self-made GIFs. Animated pictures have become one of the most popular of content type on the internet.

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Meme Generator Meme Generator

Make memes online and free. Choose from complete library of most popular memes collected across the internet. No matter is you are professional SMM manager or want to make a joke for your friend, meme generator will help you. If you wish to share your sense of humor but doesn't know how to make a meme yourself, just find your favourite meme template, add text, edit and here you go. Meme creating was never so easy.

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Video Editor Video Editor

Edit videos in a modern way. Why install heavy software on your PC for simple video editing tasks. Nowadays most common video tools are available online and free. No more installations, do everything right in your browser. Online video editor allows you to cut, trim and join your videos, add sounds and music, add logos, watermarks and even subtitles, change resolution and speed. You won't believe how easy it is.

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Webcam Recorder Webcam Recorder

Record videos from webcam with no limits. Our collection of free online webcam recorders will cover all your needs. You can take photos, record videos, take selfies - all that directly in your browser without any applications or programs. Easily apply a huge variety of filters and effects to your recordings, change your voice, background or even your appearance. Replace yourself with different characters and heroes.

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Image Converter Image Converter

Convert images between different formats. Easiest conversion ever with these free online converters. You can convert images from and to: PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, WebP, HEIC, SVG and other extensions are available. You will not only be able to convert images in a bulk, but to reduce their size, quality, resolution and compression. Convert both raster and vector graphics.

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Logo Maker Logo Maker

Make logo online using automatic generator. You make a startup and want to create a logo for your new company? Do not pay designers and create your logo for free. All you need is to answer some simple questions about how you see the design of your future logo, add info about your product and online software will generate many variations of your new logo. All you left to do is to choose the one which you like more.

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Color Tools Color Tools

Choose the right colors and trending color schemes with ease. Using the tools available on our website, you can create the perfect palette for your website, design layout and more. Choose or generate color schemes with two, three or more suitable colors. Get color from images. Play with color wheel. Now all your colors will match each other.

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Photo Stock Photo Stock

Choose from millions of available images. We have collected the most popular photo stocks for you so that you don’t have to search for long. Now many images, icons, backgrounds, elements and other graphics are available to you in one place. You no longer need to worry about licenses and rights - all photo stocks offer a huge selection of free photos and templates, available for downloading.

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