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Color Wheel What is a color wheel

What is Itten's color wheel and how designers choose colors with it. The color wheel is a pattern that represents different colors in the visible spectrum. They are arranged in sectors in an order close to their location in the color spectrum. The circle helps you find the best color combinations for your design. In the center there is a triangle of primary colors - blue, yellow and red - by mixing which, you can get any shades available to the human eye. These colors are also called primary colors in the scheme. If you mix two of the three primary colors, you get secondary colors. Yellow and blue when mixed give green, yellow with red - orange, and blue and red - purple.

The color wheel is the most useful color matching tool. It is versatile. Suitable for both clothing and interior. How to match colors correctly. Learn to use the color wheel. In this case, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. For us everything has been invented for a long time. You need to know a few rules of the color wheel, then the problems with the combination of colors will disappear immediately. The color wheel is designed so that combinations of any colors chosen from it will look good together. Many variations of the basic design have been made over the years, but the most common version is a circle of 12 colors.

All Color Tools

Pick a Color Pick a Color

Pick a colour online in two clicks. Our free online color picker will allow you to get a color from pixel with an eyedropper.

HEX Color Picker HEX Color Picker

Pick a HEX colour online in two clicks. Our free online color picker will allow you to get a HEX color code from pixel with an eyedropper tool.

Color Wheel Color Wheel

Online and free color wheel. Using the palette on the color wheel allows you to choose a combination of colors according to all the rules of color and color scheme.

Palette Generator Palette Generator

Find great color palettes for free and online. The generator of palettes of colors and shades will help you choose a successful combination of 2, 3, 4 or more colors.

HTML Color Codes HTML Color Codes

Get HTML color codes online. HTML colors are special keywords used to denote colors in HTML and CSS in the layout of Internet sites.

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