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How to Change Photo Exposure


Select an application

At the top, above the editor window, you can see the application selection buttons. Click on one of them to launch the application. Later you can switch this and try another application.


Follow the steps

Now you can use the app inside the editor to change photo exposure. Follow the instructions that you will see inside the application.If you do not like this application, try another one.


Enjoy the result

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Exposure Editor What is exposure and why change it

Every novice photographer will inevitably face such a problem as overexposed or underexposed images. Here the question arises: what parameters spoil the picture so much and what to do to make the photos look perfect? The answer is simple: every beginner should first of all come across such a concept as exposure - it is she and its parameters that are responsible for what happens to the light in the picture. This is the basics of photography. The term exposure refers to the amount of light that hits a photosensitive photographic material in a given period of time. The three main parameters that affect exposure are sensitivity, shutter speed, and aperture. Most modern cameras, whether analog or digital, automatically control these three parameters.

Now, you may be asking: Why are there different exposure settings? Why isn't there a single correct setting for all elements? Well, in the last century, most film soap dishes were designed like that. There was a single aperture, and a single shutter speed. You could only buy films of different sensitivities, although as a rule only one value was recommended for this camera. But all this was very limiting. Exposure is the amount of light hitting the sensor or film per unit of time. It can be right and wrong. If little light falls on the matrix, then the picture will be underexposed, that is, dark.

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