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How to Generate Color Schemes


Select an application

At the top, above the editor window, you can see the application selection buttons. Click on one of them to launch the application. Later you can switch this and try another application.


Follow the steps

Now you can use the app inside the editor to generate color schemes. Follow the instructions that you will see inside the application.If you do not like this application, try another one.


Enjoy the result

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Palette Generator What is a palette and why is it needed

Signature color will help increase brand awareness by 80%, distinguish you from competitors and gain customer confidence. How to choose a color scheme if you have no experience in design? Use online generators that combine shades professionally. One of the important components of a web designer's work is the creation of a palette, the selection of harmoniously combined colors. This process is quite complex and requires a creative approach. A palette can be created in seconds. Just pick any color and automatically get the perfect combination. Adjust hues by temperature, saturation, brightness and export to a convenient format (PNG, PDF, SCSS, SVG). Need some inspiration? Use the section with ready-made diagrams and save them for your projects.

Supported color schemes: Serial (analog), Monochrome, Triangular, Complementary, Composite, Tints, Free. This tool lets you quickly and easily create or import color sets to design your own ideal theme from fully customizable palettes. The user-friendly interface provides a wonderful user experience. With this tool, you can select basic and special colors for your project. Then you can preview the generated color palette and download it in different ways to choose from. This generator is designed to select shades of a given or selected color. This can be useful for giving your site or page a consistent look and feel.

All Color Tools

Pick a Color Pick a Color

Pick a colour online in two clicks. Our free online color picker will allow you to get a color from pixel with an eyedropper.

HEX Color Picker HEX Color Picker

Pick a HEX colour online in two clicks. Our free online color picker will allow you to get a HEX color code from pixel with an eyedropper tool.

Color Wheel Color Wheel

Online and free color wheel. Using the palette on the color wheel allows you to choose a combination of colors according to all the rules of color and color scheme.

Palette Generator Palette Generator

Find great color palettes for free and online. The generator of palettes of colors and shades will help you choose a successful combination of 2, 3, 4 or more colors.

HTML Color Codes HTML Color Codes

Get HTML color codes online. HTML colors are special keywords used to denote colors in HTML and CSS in the layout of Internet sites.

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